Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Working Together

Doug Young - Disney, 2010
49" x 49" (framed dims) 49" x 49" (framed dims)

Doug Young is showing his latest work at Sugar (gallery) in Bushwick April 30 - June 11, 2011.

On view are a series of reverse paintings on glass, rendered with automotive paints and ensconced in monumental, graphite-finished wooden frames. The result confronts you unabashedly. These fictions of place and fantasies of youth are a marvel and a wonderment. Captivating in their graphic qualities, starkly and consciously superficial, they attract and yet repel. You're not quite able to get your footing nor fully "know" what you're looking at....or through. Quirky and irregular, these works suggest how striving for perfection falls short and the fallibility of humans endures.

Don't miss Doug's radio interview for Breakthrough Radio.

These images mark a departure for Doug, for he has primarily worked as a sculptor for the last decade. Doug Young has exhibited widely in New York and Chicago. In 2001 he was awarded the Guinness Book World Record for the longest nonstop banjo performance in history—24 hours total.

449 Troutman St. #3-5, third fl.
Brooklyn (Bushwick), NY
Friday through Sunday noon to six by appointment only
Opening Reception: Saturday April 30, 6-9pm