Friday, June 7, 2013

No Need to be Upset

An image from Portfolio 1 by Matthew Reamer
A Buddhist saying:

If you can do something to change the circumstances, why be upset about it?
And if you cannot do anything to change the circumstances, why be upset about it?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dharma and the Dude

Aloud LA presented a conversation between Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges and world-renowned Roshi Bernie Glassman. Their new book that offers an intimate glimpse into the conversations between student and teacher, a shared philosophy of life and spirituality, and the everyday wisdom of Buddhism. This talk, Dude and the Zen Master ,captures a freewheeling dialogue about life, laughter, and the movies, from two men whose charm and bonhomie never fail to enlighten and entertain—while reminding us of the importance of doing good in a difficult world.

The sound is not great but improved by plugging into an external speaker....

An Evening with Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman from ALOUDla on Vimeo.