Saturday, June 9, 2012

time - body - space

time-space-body and action - gallery l’attico in rome  - klaus rinke  - 1972
“In general, if one were to summarize my vision of art it would be this: Art is living together with each other at the same time, earthbound to the same globe. Some people come earlier into this life, some people later but all in a time structure measured by instruments. ” — klaus rinke 
"I created “Primary Demonstrations” to show the public what it means to be together at the same time, - man and woman getting up, sitting, standing, being there, getting tired, going slowly down, lying – daily rhythms, life rhythms, gravitation, earth bounded-ness.” — klaus rinke 
"… Sometimes, the progress of the present into the future leaving the past behind is disturbed or even broken off by chance events. At that point, past and future descend into the present and merge with each other – the state of timelessness begins. As yet, we have no sense organ able to peer into this timeless space. But if we work on it, such an organ might develop in a mutation.” — klaus rinke 
"The best form always already exists and no one should be afraid of making use of it, even if its elements derive from someone else’s work. We have enough original genius. Let’s repeat ourselves ad infinitum.” — adolf loos

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